Screen Print

Flourescent Green Print
Gold screen print
Peacock screen print
Screen Printed Gradient
Defenstration screen print
Black Light Poster
Screen printed poster

John has printed event posters and fine art pieces for the community for decades. Screen printing is an excellent medium to achieve large, high opacity, high ink coverage pieces with precision and flair.

A gloriously messy process to clean up, screen printing utilizes various meshes of screen material stretched within a frame and coated with a photographic emulsion that, when exposed to light through a film positive, creates a void in the emulsion through which we can push a layer of ink.

Screen printing is amazingly versatile, allowing for huge washes of color or tiny punctuation; this process allows us to produce brilliant metallic, pastel, flourescent and even glow-in-the-dark prints!

For info about ordering screen positives for your own screen print project, please see our Film Pricing page.