Photopolymer Plate

We make photopolymer plates the old-school way; by hand! Every step of our process is checked, double checked, triple checked and then checked again for good measure. We take pride in the ability to make our process work for your artwork.

We offer three different kinds of plates: KF95 (standard relief), KF152 (deep relief) and KM152 (deep relief steel-backed).

First time ordering plates? No worries, we've got your back! For complex orders, orders requiring resizing, preprocessing (e.g. bitmapping or vectorizing images, adding registration/crop marks, etc.), we may assess a small design/typesetting fee.

Our standard plate sizes are A6 (smallest), A5, A4 and A3 (largest); feel free to use our free templates below. Please contact us to inquire about odd sizes.


Download templates for A3A4A5A6

Remember to delete the magenta template keylines and text before submitting your file!

For film information, please visit our Pricing page. Otherwise, see our File Preparation TipsHow to Order and FAQ pages.