Our Services

Film & Plates

We output film (screen print positives, letterpress plate negatives) and make plates for the letterpress community.


We proudly offer fine letterpress printing for wedding invitations, announcements, retail packaging, business cards and identity systems.

Books & Zines

We enjoy working collaboratively with writers, illustrators, and book artists on a range of book projects, from simple chapbooks to highly complex book structures.


Intaglio is a printmaking process that emerged in Europe in the fifteenth century. It is ideal for photogravure, chine-collée and monoprints.

Screen Print

Screen printing offers fun and flexibility, from small cards to large posters. We often mix this process with letterpress for a unique result.

Graphic Design

Need design help with your next announcement or business card? Feel free to contact us for a quote on graphic design services.

Hanji Popup with Steph Rue

Hanji (Korean handmade paper) has a long history, unique formation process, and countless applications throughout Korean culture. Recent Fulbright scholar Steph Rue will give a brief presentation about her experience studying hanji in Korea and will offer a limited quantity of Korean handmade papers, fabrics, books, and other goods for sale. This is a unique opportunity to experience high quality handmade papers that are normally unavailable outside of Korea.

Steph Rue is an artist and papermaker with an MFA in book arts from the University of Iowa Center for the Book. She recently completed a Fulbright grant to study traditional Korean book arts and papermaking. Please RSVP on Facebook and learn more at stephruejournal.wordpress.com.